What is local education agency

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Today, many of those who intend to enroll in a foreign university, have a desire to independently go through the whole process, based on information obtained from the Internet. Others seek help from a specialized educational agency. What are the advantages of the second way?

First of all, we note that a thorough analysis and comparison of various options for admission will require an enormous amount of time from a future student. It is simply impossible to investigate this huge market neither a day nor a week of the hardest work. So, if you believe the proverb “Time is money,” the costs of a consultant’s services will pay off at this stage. But other aspects are more important.

None of the information obtained through the Internet or from booklets fully reflects the real situation with the receipt of “here and now.” There are many subtleties associated with the policies of a particular educational institution and the personal data of each particular applicant. It is obvious that it is difficult to obtain information on interest in foreign students on the university website, for this special professionalism is required.

It is also essential to realistically evaluate your own “trumps.” Unfortunately, in the minds of many applicants a stereotype dominates, according to which the main thing that is necessary for successful admission to a Western university is the availability of the necessary funds. Indeed this is an important point, but far from the only one. So, with a low grade in the certificate and a weak English language knowledge, claim for enrollment in a prestigious university and even in the high-demand program is completely unthinkable, regardless of the available stock of free currency. An experienced consultant who works with each individual client can prompt in time what can be threatened, and what is not worth trying. He will also indicate alternative options. For example, he will help to choose a less eminent university, which is not so capricious about the selection of first-year students and at the same time having an active program precisely in the field that interests his client.