Essay rubric

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An essay is a written work that has a clear structure. The essay addresses a specific problem and your position on this or that issue. The problem is usually required to consider from several sides and provide arguments in favor of or refutation of one or another point of view. The purpose and content of the essay closely depend on its type.

Themes of the essay on the English language are very diverse. Usually, in an essay, one or another topical question is raised about which one can have different opinions. They try to avoid potentially sensitive topics (politics, religion, certain social and cultural issues).

If you know the topic in advance, before writing an essay, it is advisable to prepare and look for reliable information on it. An essay will be useful if, in arguing your position, you provide real data. Of course, if you figure out the topic only on the exam, then it is impossible. In this case, you should rely only on your knowledge.

The length of the essay may be different and usually varies from 180 to 1500 words. You should find out in advance what length of the essay is required in your case and focus on this volume. If your essay is noticeably shorter than the required one, it may not be checked at all, and if it is much longer, the examiner will ignore all parts of it that are outside the limit and rate it as incomplete.

The essay writing style is academic. This means that you should use neutral vocabulary, avoid common words and expressions, write words completely, without abbreviations. Proposals should not be too simple, because you will have to describe the causes and effects of the phenomena, support the statements with arguments, and draw conclusions from the above.

It is also important to remember that the essay should not be used to test your awareness of a topic or to determine your skills in constructing logical reasoning. Ideally, there should be no mistakes in the essay, so it is advisable to check it several times and make corrections carefully before submitting it.