Dissertation cover page

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The main page of the work is not only its but also attuning to the perception of the content. Therefore, the title page of the dissertation should be impeccable in terms of spelling and design literacy.

Work on the first page begins primarily with the settings. It is clear that all the work is done on the computer and printed on the printer on standard A4 sheets. Accordingly, the title is also done in a text editor. It is convenient to place this page in a separate file so that the text on the remaining pages does not go along with the title bar. So, computer settings for the version of the first page of the dissertation work:

  • Start by setting the page parameters. Margins from the edges in centimeters are: right – 1, left – 3, upper and lower – 2. The distance between text blocks is 3 lines;
  • the line spacing on the title bar should be single;
  • font type is the same as in the whole work – Times New Roman; the size is also unchanged and remains the same as in the whole work – 14 pt;
  • Mandatory points regarding textual fragments on this page: hyphenation, underscore, “hanging prepositions,” abbreviations are not allowed;
  • the frame on this page is excluded;
  • boldface type is used only in the names of the type of work;
  • The first page is not numbered.

Retreating three lines, indicate the type of work – dissertation. It should be uppercase, bold, and text alignment in the center.

Skipping 1 line type NAME OF THE SUBJECT in capital letters, bold, center alignment. Below that is the code and name of the specialty.

After 3 intervals down, a column is formed on the right, the text of which is typed in lower case letters, aligned to the left: 1) Completed: (information about the graduate student in 3 lines); 2) Supervisor: (information about him in 2 lines).

The bottommost text box is the name of the city and year. It should be written in lower case letters, without punctuation, centered.