Dissertation chair

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It is not always possible to choose the specialty in the university that you really want to study. However, the coursework needs to be done, and independent writing of interesting scientific work is a difficult task, if not more. But there is a supervisor to simplify the educational life of the student. He or she can be chosen from among the teachers of their departments.

This person can be a great help at the beginning when he acquaints a student with the principles of scientific work. Practice shows that his personal attitude to work and a graduate student, interest in the topic under consideration, the quality of consultations are factors that mainly influence the assessment of scientific activity by the Commission on the defense.

How exactly should the supervisor help?

At once we say that the words “must help” are often understood by students not in the right way. Graduates want the teacher to write the problematic parts of the work for them. In fact, this approach is not correct because the diploma supervisor should only oversee the implementation of the study. The question arises: what is considered within the concept of “supervise”? To get a clear answer to this question is difficult since the tasks of the curator are wide:

  • assistance in the preparation and selection of the thesis topic or project;
  • drawing up a research plan and calculating the time to complete each part of it;
  • systematic meetings with the student for consultations on the issues of writing a theoretical chapter, preparing analytical and practical elements of the work;
  • issuing recommendations on design points, making comments and corrections of the text of the work during its inspection;
  • organization of pre-defense and protection of work, and the teacher, as a rule, decided to participate in these processes.

An approximate assessment of these functions shows that the diploma supervisor is a significant person in the life of a graduate student. If you follow his advice, then the qualification work will turn out to be good, the defense will be natural, and the grade will be excellent.