How to show the head of the course work that the author has coped with the task? Write the correct conclusion to the project. He will allow earning a high score when checking and will essay help to familiarize members of the commission with the amount of work done if the project needs to be protected. But even if protection in front of a third-party audience does not take place, the head of the work may be asked to make a report on the course work in front of fellow students. In both cases, the conclusion will help to cope with the task.

Plan for concluding the course work

The final part of the project should not surprise listeners and members of the commission. Its task is to show the developments, ideas, results, and usefulness of the work performed to colleagues using available scientific language. So, the author of the project will need to highlight the essential points of the course. Then based on the first to make the final text.

The structure will be as follows:

  • The relevance of the problem. It is necessary to remind what scientific problem was investigated and why it was chosen. Justifying the relevance, the author speaks of the usefulness and value of his work.
  • Consideration of the goals and objectives of the study. It was told in the introduction, and therefore, in the final part, it should be said that the author achieved the goals set, solved the problems. Do not be afraid to use the following phrases: “I concluded the course of research …”, “I have analyzed and solved the following problems …” and so on. The conclusion reflects what has already been done, and therefore, the emphasis must be placed on the results.
  • Description of the subject, object, and research situation. No need to go into details, it is necessary to briefly mention the object of study so that colleagues or members of the commission can more easily switch to the results.
  • A detailed demonstration of the results. The most extensive point of the final part. It is necessary to show in an accessible scientific language what results the author has achieved in the course of research work.